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Fundamental changes are being made in the economy and education system of Uzbekistan. Great opportunities are being created in all spheres such as economy, business and tourism. As the first non-state independent university in Uzbekistan, we, Koqand University offer you international level higher education in the fields of economics and education. In academic cooperation with the world's most prestigious universities, we will provide you with knowledge and skills that will easily reach your goals. We attract professional academic staff to train mature business graduates, we ensure that you enjoy the business skills of the country's leading entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to train specialists with academically comprehensive and socially relevant knowledge, and importantly, experience and skills based on practice. If you want to build the foundations of your dreams and realize them, join our students!

About us

Kokand University is the first non-state university in Kokand City, Fergana region. The university is located in the center of the city - on Turkistan Street. Kokand University operates as a non-state higher education institution according to the decree number 683, August 17, 2019 "On the establishment of Koqan University"of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The decree allows the University to establish cooperation with higher education institutions included in the top-1000 list of internationally recognized ratings (Times Higher Education - THE, Quacquarelli Symonds - QS), as well as full-time, part-time and special correspondence in educational forms, the right to teach is given on the basis of programs of bachelor's specialties. The University conducts its activities on the basis of a license issued by the State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education. In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers and Article 31 of the Law "On Education", diplomas of Kokand University are recognized as documents of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Young people from all regions of Uzbekistan are provided with higher education at the university.

The highest body of the university is the Board of Trustees. This Council is made up of the founders of the university and was formed to manage the university while guaranteeing loyalty to its established path and values. Rector supervises the overall work of the university. The collegial governing body of the university is the University Council, which consists of university management and leading professors and highly experienced employees, headed by the rector. The Council ensures that the academic policy of the university, its processes, the independence of academic decisions are guaranteed and academic standards are upheld. In order to solve these issues, the Council established an independent Scientific Council headed by the rector and consisting of scientists. Also, specialized areas of the university's activities are managed by vice-rectors, faculty deans, heads of chairs and departments.
Known as one of the leading universities in Central Asia as well as internationally
Further development of social welfare and participation in the perspective of the whole society
Renewal of reforms in leading sectors through the quality of education and the work of professors, academic staff and qualified graduates
Constantly strives for applied research and academic excellence
All activities of Kokand University are based on marketing research. These studies show students in practice how theoretical scientific knowledge is applied in the process of production activities. Marketing research allows you to get real information and knowledge that exists in society, outside of academic circles. We see the development of the country in direct connection with the activities of the university! A number of studies are constantly being conducted in the direction of socio-economic well-being. In university marketing research, the opinion of parents, members of society, pupils, students and young people is studied on the basis of questionnaires. It also relies on information available on the Internet, social networks, and official sources.
Hotel and torism management
Foreign language and literature: English language
Primary education
Preschool education
Computer engineering
The role and importance of the university today is high. University activities are being improved based on the demands of the economy and other areas of society, which require a scientific approach. To become an important participant and guide of the innovation system, as well as to create and distribute knowledge in this system, and to deliver its advanced technologies to the society. Kokand University aims to take an important place in the development of the economy and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Central Asia and create a network of leaders in existing directions. Research and educational tasks for the university are the priority of developing unique ways of development in the economy and thus solving problems related to social and human resources in society!
Equality and Inclusion
Tolerance and transparency
Critical communication and sincerity
Learning and teaching
International educational standards
Opportunities to launch startups
Master classes of successful entrepreneurs
Modern and convinient campus
Internship at the best local organizations
Modern methods of teaching and education
Networking opportunities